Meet Kara

Kara Livinston.jpg

Kara is a certified nutrition practitioner with a passion for moms and their littles. With two of her own Kara is on a mission to make sure children are getting all the nutrients they need during this critical time of development.  A whole foods, nutrient dense diet doesn’t have to be difficult. She believes that cooking for a family can be simple, and she is determined to show you how.

Kara has a one year old little girl and three year old little boy,  which fill her blog with all kinds of fun recipes. The focus is on getting those picky eaters the vitamins and fats they need to grow big and strong. Making shopping, cooking, and eating all something her toddler can participate in has been the trick to guiding him to a healthy relationship with food.

Kara was trained by the Nutrition Therapy Association, after the culmination of her own health journey. She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease seven years ago and has been able to reverse its effects

Meet Nicole

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Nicole is a passionate heart. When she loves something, it is with all she has. This shows through her work on the blog and the way she lives her day-to-day life. Her heart beats for beauty, fashion and offering encouragement to moms. 

Okay, let's be real, it really beats for her two beautiful little girls and her high school sweet heart hubby. Nicole is an autoimmune warrior. She is fighting the good fight of a rare autoimmune disease called Wegener's. Nicole is a fiercely loyal friend and an avid researcher. Oh, she also can put espresso away better than any tired mom.  

She blogs about ethical fashion because she believes that where you spend your money impacts others. She is a beauty junkie who focuses on safe, natural products. Nicole believes that what we put on our skin affects our health. Lastly, she loves supporting moms in this season of life. She will be coming at ya with life hacks and mom sarcasm to boot. 

How We Met

Well we met when we were fifteen! Fifteen, we couldn't even drive, we were babies. Nicole transferred to school were Kara was going, and they became fast friends.  They pretty much have been friends ever since, here is the evidence.... your welcome.