Feeding Baby The Simply Whole Way

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Feeding Baby The Simply Whole Way


Kara is a mom of two little children herself and a certified nutritionist. Her claim is that feeding your children whole foods can be simple. In this book she nails it by making the big task of feeding your little ones solid foods seem fun and easy enough to accomplish. Her mission: to make sure children are getting all the nutrients they need during this critical time of development.  A whole foods, nutrient dense diet doesn’t have to be difficult.

After reading this book you will have a good understanding of the nutrients your 6 month old to five year old needs. This book contains over twenty recipes to give you a jumpstart on purees and finger food cooking. The recipes are simple and helpful, but after reading this book you will know how to come up with your own purees and finger foods.  

Kara was trained by the Nutrition Therapy Association, after the culmination of her own health journey. She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease seven years ago and has been able to reverse its’ effects through diet alone. Her goal is that all children have the foundation they need to avoid health issues.

You’ve got this momma!

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Want to see an example of the recipes included in this book? Watch this video and check out the full recipe here. 

Book Reviews

"Kara's book is perfect for busy moms! It is an easy read and gives you all of the basic nutrition information you need to make sure you are serving your little one healthy food while ensuring they are getting the good fats and vitamins they need. The recipes are super easy to make, and tasty too!" - Nina

“Kara has done such a wonderful job of putting together a book that can help parents gain information about nutritious foods for their little ones. She goes beyond just recipes and touches on common problems like picky eating and food allergies. The recipes are very healthy and good, from babies to older kids. I will be using these recipes regularly for my kids and rest of my family.” - Nadia