DIY: Relaxing Salt Soak

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DIY Relaxing Salt Soak

I’m going to be honest, I WANT to be a bath person, but so far it isn’t on the top of my priority list. Part of the issue is I have to share my girls’ bathtub. I think I’m just too lazy to move all of the Barbies and LOL dolls out of the way so Mama can have a relaxing soak. When I do take a bath, I want to make sure the soak is worth my while.

I love a good bath bomb, but they can be an expensive habit and sometimes too overwhelmingly scented for me. This relaxing salt soak is something you can throw together at home once you have the ingredients on hand.

I like to use a combination of epsom salt, magnesium flakes and baking soda to create a soothing bath experience that offers other benefits. Though there’s not conclusive science that epsom salt baths reduce inflammation, most people report some ease in muscle tension when soaking in epsom salts. Magnesium flakes are more easily absorbed through the skin, so these are a great addition to your bath routine if you are magnesium deficient. The magnesium flakes can help ease headaches, muscle aches and promote stress relief. The baking soda provides a detox element to the bath and can help alleviate skin inflammation.

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How To Make the Salt Soak

You’ll need the following ingredients to make your own salt soak. I try to keep all of these around the house, so we’re ready to make more when we run out.

  • 1/2 cup epsom salts

  • 1/2 cup magnesium flakes

  • 1/2 cup baking soda

  • essential oils of choice

  • shea butter (optional)

I made some of this recently to gift to my girls’ teachers as part of a back to school gift. I found the jars at my local craft store and made the labels myself. It took just a couple of minutes to whip this up, and we had leftovers to use at home.

All you have to do is grab a large bowl and measure the epsom salts, magnesium flakes and baking soda into the bowl. Choose your favorite essential oils to add for an aromatherapy bath experience. I used Ylang Ylang and Geranium in this particular blend. You can keep it simple and just use one, like Lavender. I add about 7-10 drops of each oil - you can add more of less depending on how strong you’d like the smell. I used a fork to blend all of the ingredients together.

I used a cheese grater to add a layer of shea butter to the top of the jars as an added moisturizer in the bath. Next time I make this, I’ll omit the shea butter. I wasn’t crazy about the way it smelled and it made the bathtub very slippery and oily. Shea butter in general is excellent for the skin, but I’ll leave it out of my soak next time.

Other Notes on Salt Soak

Once you’ve made the soak, just run a warm bath and sprinkle a cup or so of the soak into your bath water and stir it around with your hand. You can always add more or less depending on how much you made and want to use.

You can use different combinations of essential oils for your soak recipe. If you use a citrus oil, be sure to not be exposed to the sun for several hours after soaking - citrus oils make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. Also, do not splash the bath water in your eyes or ingest the water after you’ve added the bath soak. Essential oils must be added to the salt instead of put directly into the bath water.

Here are some of my favorite essential oils for bath soaks:

  • Ylang Ylang + Geranium

  • Bergamot + Frankincense

  • Eucalyptus + Lemongrass

  • Chamomile + Frankincense

  • Lavender + Peppermint

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