BBQ Chicken with Carrot Fries

Southern Dinner that takes thirty minutes to make. Homemade BBQ sauce on oven baked chicken with carrot fries.

Southern Style BBQ Chicken

If you follow me on social media you know I eat BBQ chicken at least once a week. No joke, sometimes twice. It is so simple and something that I know my kids and husband will love. Therefore, it tends to be my default. So, I decided I should write a formal recipe to share with you guys. 

This BBQ sauce recipe is my mother in-law's, she is like the real deal cook. Like the real deal. She cooks for her large family of 12 without really even blinking. When I say cook I mean... homemade rolls, warm oven baked dessert, and usually some cut of meat I wouldn't even attempt. She is also from the south and was raised on the farm. Her sweet tea and fried chicken is practically famous. All this to say... she can cook and I stole this sauce recipe from her, so you should be excited.   

Homemade BBQ sauce that tastes like the south.

The BBQ sauce recipe really is simple and only take like three minutes to make. I get it though sometimes as busy moms we don't have three minutes. That is totally fine, sometimes opening a bottle is what the day calls for (in more way than one). Bottle BBQ sauce can be full of preservatives and sugar. These are the brands I use: Tessemea's, Annie's, Stubb's, and HEB organics.

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Homemade BBQ Sauce Recipe


  • 1/.2 cup ketchup

  • 1 T yellow mustard

  • 1 1/2 T Worcester sauce

  • 2 T honey

  • 1 lb chicken tenders

  • Baby carrots, this is what I use

  • 1 T avocado oil

  • Salt & pepper

How to Make it:

  1. Preheat the oven to 400.

  2. Get out a small saucepan. Combine the ketchup, mustard, Worcester, and honey. Whisk until well combined and remove from the heat.

  3. In a CorningWare dish lay out your chicken tenders. Pour the BBq sauce on top, till well covered. You want to save some to use for dipping when serving.

  4. Cut the carrots in half lengthwise. Lay out on a cooking sheet. Drizzle with the avocado oil and top with salt and pepper. If you lay the insides of the carrots face down on the pan they will be crispier.

  5. Put everything into the oven for 25 to 30 minutes.

Plating for Children

Kids love to dip. Give them some more sauce to dip on the side! I love using the silicon molds below to hold sauces on our kid's plates. Interactive meals are so much more fun!

When you serve this for the first time make sure they have a familiar food on their plate. For example make some rice to go with this at least for the first time so they have something they recognize. That tends to ease the anxiety around trying something new. 

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This southern style homemade BBQ sauce on top of roasted chicken paired with carrot fries is the perfect week night meal. It is simple and takes no time to make!