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Fun Snack Containers For Kids

Healthy snacks on the go are hard, it is hard to get them together, and just plan hard to grab things running out the door. One thing that makes me successful with healthy snacking is having plenty of fun ways to carry things on the go.


Snacking Healthy on the Go

Getting in healthy snacks is almost impossible without something to put them in. It is hard to take fruit, vegetables, and nuts on the go without a good container. All these fun containers have helped me a ton with taking whole food snacks with me.

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snack containers for children

Using Food to Entertain

Snack containers do provide a level of entertainment and excitement around snacking. This box right here, got me through an entire doctors appointment with two quiet kids wating for me to finish. This snack box is perfect for roadtrips and plane flights.

Dollar Store Jewelry Box

Guys any jewelry box, bead box, craft box will work for this. I got the ones photographed at the dollar store. You probably have one laying around your house that would work for this.

Those adoarable labels are done by Easy Teesy. They are so simple and easy to use.

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BEABA Formula & Snack Container, 3 compartments

This snack pack is super fun and can be used for a long time. It makes for a great way to carry formula around with snacks when they are younger. But as they get older is a great way to get some variety in snacking.

Since these containers are spill proof, I like to use one to hold a dip and the other two for the dippers. For example, I will put salsa in the bottom. Then put chips in one container and cucumbers in another.

BPA free.

reuseable snack containers

Bumkins Bags

These reusable snack bags are so fun. They make the cutest prints that my kids go crazy over. Asher especially loves their superhero prints.

I use these bags for everything from snap peas and carrots to plantain chips and cashews. They work for wet items too.

snack containers for children

Reusable Snack Bags

Bumkins has some of the cutest kid food items around. Go check out their website. This is an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic baggies. They are made from an easy-wipe waterproof fabric, dishwasher safe.

BPA free.

Snack Spinner 1.jpg

Gobe Snack Spinner

This is coming out in May 2019 and I am pumped. This container is so cool. A child can spin it as they decide they want different snacks. Each little comparment is a fourth a cup. Fill it up and watch your kids spin and pick their snack.

Five separate snacking compartments are:

  • Spill resistant 

  • BPA and PVC free 

  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean

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