Dear Pre-Mom Self,

I almost didn’t post this, because I really just did it for me. Then I thought if it makes some other new mom feel like she isn’t alone then I just have to post it.  This really has nothing to do with eating simply whole foods. It has everything to do with taking care of yourself emotionally. If you are a new mom struggling with the transition take some time to think through why, it might just help you over the hump (it did me).


Dream Pre-Mom Self,


Though I love you and who you were you are really hard for me to relate to anymore. In fact, the current me gets a little jealous of you at times and it would just be easier if I said goodbye to you. But first I want to thank you for a few things.


First, thank you for working really hard to figure out who you were. You constantly did things that stretched you, challenged who you are, and built on your weakness. This has created so much confidence in myself. Confidence that I need now more than ever as I take on the biggest responsibility of my life. Confidence that helps me stay firm in my beliefs when people are doubting me, giving me advice, and asking way too many questions. If you had not pushed yourself so hard, taken feedback, and powered through uncomfortable situations being a mom would be nearly impossible.


You are hot! I look at pictures of you and I can’t believe it honestly, because all I remember is you were so insecure about how you looked.  Being a mommy has left some love marks on my belly and a few extra pounds. All of which I am of course insecure about. But I must thank you, because I think wow if she was insecure and she looked so great it is sillly that I feel this way now.

Though I firmly believe you had no idea what you were really doing at the age of 25 thank you for picking such a good dad for our kids. You really did pick someone who not only would be a present dad but one that would love our kids with Christ’s love. I watch him crawling around on the floor barking like a dog, cleaning up throw-up, and soaking his nice work clothes so he can splash in the bathtub - and I think man how did she know. Thank you.

Lastly, thank you for chasing your dreams, taking on challenges, and doing everything with your whole heart. Being a mom is not only your ultimate dream and biggest challenge, but it has taken your whole heart to do it. There are days when I doubt myself and think I just can’t have this little human be so dependent on me for another second. Then I remember that you had similar feelings when doing things like working full time while getting yours masters. I know you came out the other side stronger - it is almost like you are telling me you got this.

There are parts of you that I really miss.  Like your ability to lose track of time while talking with someone, your spontaneity, your skill to really listen to someone when they need it, and your fun stay out all night side. I need to say goodbye to those and appreciate the new sides of me that have developed. Like the ability to love deeper than I ever thought possible, understand unconditional love, feel joy in my soul, and relate to others emotions like I never thought possible.

Thanks for the ride,