Healthy Road Trip Snacks

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Healthy Snacks on the Go

Every year we make a long road trip to meet family at the beach. When I say long I mean it should take about 12 hours, we definitely don’t make good time though…. With two, learning to potty train.

I always way over prepare for this trip, because in some way it makes me feel better about signing up to be trapped in the car with the people I love the most. One of the ways I do this is food, what better way to keep kids entertained? There is very little I am willing to eat at a gas station so I bring all the things with me.

My main goal with snacking in general is to keep the sugar down. However, when my kids are trapped sitting in a car this is an absolute must. I also try to sneak in vegetables wherever I can because there really aren’t many in packaged foods.

healthy snacks on the go

Packaged Snacks for Children

Beef Sticks, Beef Jerky

This is a snack where they love to sneak in sugar. So watch out for it on the label. It is also a really good heavy protein, fat snack. This will keep them full longer. Another thing I love, it takes them a while to eat!

My go to favorite brands: Nick Sticks, Primal Jerky, Epic, Chomps

healthy road trip snacks for kids


Okay, you have to balance these fruit snacks with fat and protein, don’t only buy these snacks. All these snacks are high in sugar, it is natural whole food based sugar, but it sugar nonetheless.  Of course, this is what kids love.

My go to favorite brands: Bare Chips, dried mango, raisins, and freeze dried fruits

Try fresh fruit: cuties, apple slices, berries, and grapes.  


These are much, much harder to sneak in the car. I mean it is hard enough at a table with a fully focused kid.  These brands do a good job though. My kids are none the wiser.

My favorite brands: veggie go gos (fruit leather with hidden vegetables), Bare Chips (think carrot and beet chips)

Try fresh vegetables: carrots, cucumbers, celery, cherry tomatoes, and snap peas.  

healthy on the go snacks


Bars can also be pretty high in sugar. However, if you need to hold a kid over through a meal, this is a really go way to do it.
My favorite brands: RX bars,  Perfect Bars, This Bar Saves Lives, and Lara Bars.

whole food based sancks for roadtrips

Nuts and Seeds

These will really sustain your hunger through a road trip. They are full of all kinds of good fats, which will help level out the sugar in some of the other things you may be snacking along. Not to mention they are nutrient dense, yummy, and totally meet that crunch need!  One thing to keep in mind is that there are crackers that are made up of nuts and seeds that will totally meet this same need.

My favorite brands: Mary’s Gone Crackers,  Almond butter packs, Nut Thins, and Simple Mills.

Try them fresh: walnuts, cashews, almonds, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and macadamia nuts.

healthy snacks for kids


This is my total sweet spot. I love a good snacky, salty, crunchy item! I can see my husbands face as I make all kinds of noise crunching on these items. The biggest thing to watch out for on “chips” is the oil. I would avoid anything done in vegetable oil. This is a toxin to the body and can do it harm. Look for things done in coconut oil or palm oil.

My favorite brands: plantain chips, sweet potato chips, rice cakes, popcorn, and  paleo puffs.

healthy kid snacks for travel

Baby Food

Don't skip over this. It is a great way to get in vegetables. I wouldn’t get fruit only pouches, this will be higher in sugar. Balance out all the sugar with some vegetables.

My favorite brands: Once Upon a Farm, Mamma Chia Squeeze, Gogo squeeze (with vegetables).


Okay two more things I wanted to tell you about. My kids really love olives. I know weird, but I  eat them all the time, and I think they just are used to it. Olive pouches are such an easy on the go snack.

I know my caution against sweets may not be taken seriously. So if you are going to give your kids cookies there is Green Plate Foods. They hide vegetables in their individually packaged cookies.

Lastly, this one may seem way out of the box. Sea Snax, yes we are talking seaweed. I was so so hesitant to try these. They are full of so many good nutrients so I finally caved. Believe it or not, everyone loves them.

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Buy healthy packaged snacks be a challenge. Get some advice from on a nutritionist on her favorite packaged, healthy snacks for kids.

Buy healthy packaged snacks be a challenge. Get some advice from on a nutritionist on her favorite packaged, healthy snacks for kids.