Kara's Health Story

stargardte eye disease

I started Simply Whole in 2015 to share my journey to living a more healthy life, because I want this for you. This want drove me to go to school while being a new mom and working full time in corporate America, that is just how important this is to me. I am a certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner.  God wants you to live a life full of joy, energy, vitality, and hope.  Here is my story of hope…

I found out that I have a genetic, autoimmune disease.  Basically my body is attacking my retinas. The doctors, lots of doctors actually, pretty much told me that my vision was just going to get worse until I couldn’t see anymore. Yeah basically they told a little twenty something she was going blind and there was absolutely nothing she could do about it.

I had so many dreams at this point in my life. I had found the man that made my heart happy. I wanted to have a family with him. Heck I wanted to walk down the aisle being able see his face when he saw me in all white.

Let’s be real – this was devastating - but what did I have to lose?  So we went on a journey to get healthy.  We changed our diets and the way we took care of our bodies. After a year, my eyes did get better when everyone said they wouldn’t!

I found out that I did have a lot more to lose than my vision.  I had my life to lose. I have never felt better - more full of life, fulfilled. I know this all seems a little dramatic, but it is true.  

Food really can make that much of a difference.

So what about now…. I have never been better. My vision is holding strong. My husband is as supportive and silly as ever.   I am a mommy to a precious baby boy.  My family is healthy and happy. I spend every day getting to love on people, meet them where they are, and help them find the way to health.

Real talk…

… I seriously considered not including the before and after image on this page.  Yes this change has had a great effect on the way I looked, but more so it has changed the way I feel about myself.  

… I don’t know everything and probably never will. We are constantly learning more about our bodies every day. There is tons of information out there to weed through. However one thing I live by - no problem is unsolvable. So let’s figure it out together.

…  I am not a chef.   I bet I am more like you than you think. I can get in the kitchen and make a meal that people like. I can cut up veggies, may YouTube it first, and occasionally cook a perfect steak.  I am not a chef. If I can do this, you can do this.

… It isn’t all roses. It is hard being a working mom. Lots of people need me. I promise though, there are enough hours in the day to make and eat whole food, and do everything else. That includes getting 8 hours of sleep. Let me help you prioritize.

… Lastly, and most importantly I know that everything I have experienced on this journey is from the Lord.  He has directed me so clearly down this path – from putting the right doctors in front of me, to allowing for long time friends to experience the same thing at the same time, and providing a loving supportive husband at just the right time (even though I didn’t think it was).