14 Day Hormone Reset Challenge

This 14 day hormone reset challenge will take a natural approach to healing hormones. 

I have spent a while healing my hormones after a few years of everything working in overdrive. Having two babies back to back takes a toll on your hormones. Though I did my best to support them I came to realize they needed some extra attention. Finally, after having my hormones tested I can say that I am so happy with where I am. The test told me what I could already tell … I no longer had crazy mood swings, hair loss, migraine headaches, and appetite swings. So with that said, I want to share it with you.

Did you know you have over 100 different hormones in your body? They are all about communicating with each other, because what hormone “doesn’t want to talk about it?”   When you have a baby a pretty big interruption comes along. Your hormones do all kinds of things to build, get that baby out, and feed your new little one.

Use these 14 steps to balance your hormones naturally. 

When you have a baby the placenta literally takes over for your ovaries when it comes to making progesterone. Your body literally builds itself an organ to keep your baby alive, and then delivers it when its’ job is done. That is just nuts.

All this to say having a baby exhausted all your organs that produce hormones. Then you enter into what can often be a stressful, exhausting, and sleep deprived time. Sidebar: it is also what I remember as one of the most beautiful times of my life. After coming out of that time I came to realize that I needed to spend some time recovering from what I had just been through.

How to know when and what my hormones need. 

Signs your hormones may need a reset.

  • Mommy brain
  • Hair loss
  • Overeating / Undereating
  • Can’t manage your own mood
  • Fatigue
  • Slow to wake up in the morning
  • Headaches around your cycle
  • Feeling of being out of control

In this challenge every day we will focus on one thing to heal our hormones. They are simple but significant changes. Each day is teaching you a simple trick or tool you can use in the future to help support those hormones that are working so hard to love everyone around you.

You have spent months (some you years) giving your body to take care and nourish little babies. I encourage you… no challenge you to take care of yourself. I know moms are busy, and chances are if you have made it reading this far you are really thinking about it. You got this… just do it.  

Need More?

Feeling like a 14 day challenge isn't enough?  Feeling overwhelmed? I would love to help you with a more personalized plan, with someone to counsel you through it. 

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