Review: Once Upon a Farm

Did you know that baby food at the grocery store is made to be shelf stable for two years!! What? Is this even real life? I can't even imagine how broccoli and carrots can actually be edible for two years.  For this very reason I steer clear of store bought baby food for the most part. 

I know what you are thinking...
I am way to busy to make my own baby food.
There are just times when I have to have pouches.

Are you busy? Want to feed your baby quality food? Once Upon a Farm is the answer. 

You can see what I feed my babies here. Basically we focus on fat, protein, and essential vitamins. These vitamins come through fruits, veggies, and super foods.  These pouches have you covered in the fat and vitamins department. From a nutrition perspective it doesn't get much better than these pouches. 

Why I like Them:

  • The food is cold pressed. This means that  the integrity of the food is not broken down by over cooking. It is like eating raw fruits and vegetables.
  • They are focused on getting good fats into their baby food. Which is paramount for your child's brain development at this point in time. 
  • All the ingredients are organic and GMO free. 
  • It just tastes really good... I tried them all. 
  • It is delivered to your door! Or you can search for a store near you.
baby food review.jpg

Flavors and Ingredients

The flavors are absolutely out of this world. I tried them. You can see all the flavors here. Here are a few of my favorite:

  • Oh My Mega Veggie -this had apples, carrots, and beets. Beets are all around good for us! This is a hard one to get into our little ones. If you have vegetable adverse children, they won't even be able to taste the beets in this one. 
  • Wild Rumpus Avocado - I just love this one - avocado, pineapple, and mint! All kinds of vitamins and fat. All the while introducing your child to mint!
  • Chocolate Ever After - this one isn't even real life. It is like a fabulous dessert with fats, vitamins, and the all important iron! 

If you have a picky toddler this is great way to get in some of the nutrients they may be missing. These little pouches taste so good that my toddler was all over it too! 

I know how hard it is to get food on the table, and food that nurishes your children is even harder.  I love what Once Upon a Farm is doing because it makes this all so much more simple!