Update on Us Lately

living with stargardts

The blog has grown and there are so many new faces here! I love sharing this space with you, it truly is a great joy. I feel like I need to update / introduce myself to some of you and just generally let everyone know what has been going on with me lately.

Well, It is all things baby in this house… I mean all the things. I currently have a one and a two year old. Every time I say that to a stranger in Target they immediately look shocked/confused. Like why did you do that? I have even had an older lady reach out and grab my arm as she took a deep breath. I can honestly say now, after a very tough year, that we are settled into the two child world and can take the challenges with stride. We are genuinely loving our time with the kiddos and the tough times are getting further and further away!


WIth all that my health has taken a hit….

I have been pregnant or breastfeeding for almost four years straight. My body has been working hard to keep my littles alive. There were times when sleep was a luxury, I mean really even eating was a luxury. Nourishing the body of mommas is such a passion of mine. This work is hard, like really hard, by far the hardest thing I have done physically (man it is a marathon).

If you have followed me for awhile you know I have a genetic eye disease that is slowly making me blind. It is considered rare and the details around it are constantly changing as more and more is being researched. Stargardts acts similar as Macular Degeneration would. My body is attacking and slowly degenerating my retina. You can read  here, about finding out I was going blind and dealing with that.

Here is a photo of how I kinda see. I am probably at the B photo.

curing vision with healthy lifestyle.jpg

Before I had kids I was able to reverse the degeneration with diet and holistic medicine. Pregnancy and everything that comes with it, along with time passing, and a lack of time for self care my vision has significantly declined. To the point that I almost lost my driver’s license about a year ago. I was able to find a wonderful doctor who found me a prescription glass that got me to the eye sight I needed to pass my drivers test!  Pray they figure out these self driving cars ASAP!  I will say this rocked my world as the reality of going blind continues to set in again and again.

However, God is so good! I have started seeing a Naturopath who believes we can right the ship.  We are doing all kinds of testing to determine where my body needs support, to in turn be able to support my vision. I have also recently seen my retina specialist who is very “pleased” with the rate my eyes are degenerating. It is much slower than most people experience.

One thing we have found out is that I have a sensitivity to egg…. Yes this chicken owner (#livingstonhomestead). Without getting into all the details of what we are doing….  We are working to detoxify the buildup or deposits on my retina, supporting my immune system, and building a healthy gut.

One thing I have learned so clearly is that I have to take care of myself. It matters how stressed I am, tired I feel, and what I put into my mouth. Sometimes people say things to me like, “I don’t know how you are so good on your diet” or “man I would die if I couldn’t have bread.”  First don’t say this crap to people, I would love to eat bread. If someone told you that you won’t be able to see your daughter walk down the aisle on her wedding day you would easily give up bread. Not trying to be dramatic here, but it is true.  When the options are clearly in front of you the decision is easy. The day to day sacrifices can get to me sometimes, but I always just try to think of the big picture.

I know not everyone has losing their vision as a threat on their health. I would argue though that if I had been healthy earlier in life I might not be where I am. That is just a slight nudge to remind you that your health matters.

Things I have started loving and are totally reflected in my blog….

Kids relationship to food. I love watching my kids learn about food, and enjoy healthy nourishing foods. It has been so fun for me to teach them about the kitchen, their bodies, and all the senses that come with food.

Moms. Man guys these early years of raising children isn’t easy. Our bodies are going through so much, really on all levels. I have all kinds of training around tuning in to what my body needs, and I have really struggled in this life phase. I love hearing and learning from other moms. Let’s solve our problems together.

Making it happen. Cooking food for our families, finding time for self care, and generally addressing the needs of everyone in our household… is so much responsibility.  All this has to be simple, or it just won’t happen. Dinner can’t take more than 30 minutes and self care is sometimes just sleeping. I am focused and super passionate about being sure that being healthy is something everyone can achieve day to day.