What Kara Eats

certified nutrtionist

Local, Organic Produce.

Local produce, for the most part, is lacking in pesticides and fertilizers - organic. Our bodies see these chemicals as poison and are working over time to cut them out.  Additionally all organic produce ripens on the plant. This provides significantly more nutrients, than produce ripened in a truck on its’ way to you.

Watch this video on the organic effect.

Grass Fed. Pasture Raised.

The meats we are consuming are filled with antibiotics and growth hormones. Why? We are giving this to our animals in an effort to make more meat. Your body sees these as poisonous, some are even affecting our delicate hormone balance.  That is why it is best to consume meat that was grass fed and eggs laid by pasture raised chickens.

Eat happy animals.

Fat. Lots of Fat.

Fat is good for you, your body needs it to survive. I know that may sound crazy to you, but it is true. Eating fat does not make you fat, in itself. You just need to be sure you are eating the right fats - quality - olive oil, coconut oil, fish oil, BUTTER, and animal fats.  Your body sees all processed oils as free radicals and they cause inflammation in your body. Avoid - any oils that are in clear plastic containers, end in seed (cotton seed, grapeseed), corn, and trans fats.

Fat makes things taste better.

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Grain Choice.

Avoid anything that comes in a bag or plastic container. Processed grains - chips, hamburger buns,  cookies, pastas - irritate most people's digestion. I know you are thinking “whew that isn’t me.”  Do you have gas, trouble going to the bathroom, stomach aches, or tiredness in the afternoons? Well then, it just might be bothering you.  If you cut out these processed foods you will feel better, absorb the nutrients you are eating, and may even lose some weight.

Grains are affecting your tummy.

Cows and Other Dairy.

The homogenized milk at the grocery store is not doing your body any favors. I believe in drinking/eating foods in their whole-est form.  Grocery store milk gallons are nowhere near what came out of the cow.  Since drinking raw milk is a big step for most I would recommend sticking to almond milk and coconut milk.

Homogenized - to alter the fat.