Why I Started Safe Skincare

Paying attention what we are putting on our skin matters.... here is why. 

I have started to offer Beautycounter to my clients and here is why….

I used to love taking care of my skin and playing with makeup. I loved this little boutique in my college town and would just go and play with their makeup for hours. Then life happened... I had two kids in two years and I was doing good if I washed my face before I passed out with a dish rag in hand. I got to a place where my hygiene needed a serious overhaul.

I wouldn’t have it any other way, but when the clouds finally parted with baby two gaining independence I decided to take better care of myself. I called my mom (because who else do you call) to go get some new clothes to fit my new self.  SIdebar: my mom somehow convinced me to buy a pair of shorts with a 3.5 inch inseam. I guess it was because I was constantly complaining about “mom shorts.” Next up hair, skin and makeup.

All of this set me up for the facts…  that I needed to focus on finding some good, reasonably priced beauty products, that I actually liked, and were safe for my body.  


On top of the lack of attention to beauty care, when I was using beauty products, I was using what I would call low performing, hippie products.  I liked them don’t get me wrong. I think I liked them because I felt good about how safe they were for my body. I really was the type that could go without much makeup, but now with years of just not taking care of my skin I needed something better.  

...But I didn’t want to go back to the toxins that were in pretty much all the mainstream products.

I want woman to know what they are putting on their skin does effect their bodies. 


After having my babies my eye disease took a turn for the decline (read more here). Eliminating toxins and eating healthy became more important than it ever had been. I have seen first hand how much putting toxins into my body affects my disease.

On top of all that my hormones were all over the place. I was losing hair at an embarrassing rate (yes my loving father thought I had something in my hair… nope just a bald spot). This was my body telling me it had too much testosterone. I was having menstrual migraines, crying at the drop of hat, and generally not responding well to any anxiety invoking situation.

I started looking into the toxins my body was being exposed to, and the hormone altering chemicals I was putting on my skin. I just knew I couldn’t go back. It is kinda like once you know, you know. I knew I had to find a way to support and repair my skin in a way that was safe for my health.

Here are some of the things that got me:

  • Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it is porous. The American Journal of Public Health looked into the skin's absorption rates, It showed that the skin absorbed an average of 64% of what was put on it.
  • There are ingredients in beauty products known to be linked to cancer (hydroquinone), endocrine disruptors (parabens), reproductive system irritants (toluene), and allergens (synthetic fragrance).
  • Heavy metals are found in toothpaste, deodorant, eyeshadows, and compact powders. These are known to affect the reproductive, immune, and nervous system toxicity. Here is the FDA stating they are toxic.

Beautycounter doesn’t use a single one of those ingredients (never list here). Additionally they third party test for heavy metals and have a “no-defect” level (this is unheard of!).

Safer skincare, that is chemical and toxin free. 

Why Beautycounter and Not Some Other Company

I have tried a lot…. like a lot of other companies. I had a really hard time finding a line between totally toxic products and way too hippie to work long-term. I mean for the longest time I washed my face with almond meal and lavender flowers. So what is it, either almond meal or formaldehyde?

Obviously my fleeting vision is so important to me. When I think about all the years I wore toxic mascara full of carbon black. I cringe. It just breaks my heart. Who knows what this did to my vision, or if it did anything at all. BUT if someone said, “no mascara for the rest of your life so you can possible see better”. I would take that in a second. No question. With Beautycounter I don’t have to do that though. I know their mascara is safe for my eyes.

Bottom line when I think about this blog and why I do it… it really is because I love women. I want to support you in a way that makes things simple enough to achieve and significant enough that you can feel the difference in your health.

That is why I joined Beautycounter.

I want women to know what their beauty routine is doing to their bodies.

I want women to know that they are beautiful, and worth caring for.

I want women to know they can be in control of their own health.

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