Baby Probiotics

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baby probiotics
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baby probiotics

Baby Probiotics


UltraFlora Baby features a unique blend of probiotics to help maintain a healthy microbial balance and support the body’s natural defenses. The safety of these unique probioticstrains is supported by extensive laboratory research and clinical evaluation.


  • Support for healthy digestive function
  • Support for immune health 
  • Built in dropper that enables precision dosing
  • The drops have a neutral taste
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Dosage: 6 drops daily. You can put into food or milk. If baby is solely breastfeed you can put drops on your nipple immediately prior to feeding. You could also apply drops to a clean finger and allow the baby to suck on your finger.

What is a Probiotic? At a very high level it is the good bacteria that lives in your gut. This good bacteria helps you digest your food and fight off the bad bacteria. Bad bacteria can lead to sickness and poor digestive health. 

 Reason for Use: Here are some reasons why you might want to consider using this product. I do advise at least one round of probiotic every year. 

  • Baby was born through cesarean section. This is due to the fact that your baby did not get your good bacteria through the delivery process.
  • You had Strep B during pregnancy and were on antibiotics during delivery. Antibiotics kill all bacteria in your gut (good and bad). This also means your baby did not get the good bacteria from you it needs. 
  • Your baby was born during the winter, and you are concerned about their immune system. Building up their good bacteria will help protect them against sickness. 
  • Your baby seems uncomfortable due to digestive issues. There are many reasons this could be the case, but one of them could be that your child just needs to improve their digestive health through probiotics. 

Probiotic blend, sunflower oil, D-alphatocopherol, and citric acid. 

How to Use the Probiotics:

Shipping Information: This product will take 7-10 days to get to you. You will be receiving the package directly from the distributor, Metegenics.  This product is delivered to you on ice, I would not recommend having it shipped when you will not be home.