Ep. 1 We Can't Wait to Meet You


Man, this was a couch dream for so long - okay, let's be real, we don't actually sit on the couch. unless it's nap time or after bedtime. We really are just so excited and humbled (and nervous) to be here. Thank you for clicking on over to our little online home. Enjoy:

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We Can't Wait to Meet You

In this episode, Kara and Nicole just talk about life, being moms, and how they got to where they are today. They discuss their different, but weirdly similar journey with autoimmune disease. They are also pretty honest about the hard mom stuff, the products they are loving, backyard chickens, and ethical fashion. Ya, they pretty much cover it all. If you want to get to know the moms behind the Simply Whole Moms podcast this is where you need to start. 

Show Notes

We promised some high school photos... man I can't believe we are sharing these. 

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