Ep. 16 Beth, Intro to the Enneagram

beth mccord

If you have no clue what the Enneagram is, then tune in to this episode! I had the pleasure of chatting with Beth McCord, a.k.a. Your Enneagram Coach. She has been speaking, teaching and coaching about the Enneagram for over 15 years. This conversation could have gone on so much longer - Beth is a wealth of knowledge. She runs @yourenneagramcoach over on Instagram and has created a beautiful Enneagram community where she shares great resources. Check out the show notes below for more resources from Beth.

Our interview is split up into two parts. This episode details who Beth is, how she found the Enneagram and gives us a quick intro into the nine types. Come back next week for part two.

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Show Notes:

Beth’s website: Your Enneagram Coach

Beth’s online courses

  • Discovering You: use code “discoveringyou” for 50% off

  • Exploring You: use code “10OFF” for $100 off

Find Beth on Instagram @yourenneagramcoach

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