Ep. 31 Krista on Clean Beauty

root makeup

I (Nicole) have been waiting to chat with Krista for almost a year! Krista Dolash is the founder and CEO of Root - a beauty and lifestyle brand dedicated to non-toxic, handmade products that are fresh and free from toxic junk. Krista dreamed up this idea all on her own and watching her company grow and thrive via social media has been so fun.

Tune in as Krista tells us why she started Root, what their mission is and hear about some of her favorite Root products, too!

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root makeup

Show Notes:

  • Root website

  • IG: @rootpretty

  • FB: Root

  • Nicole’s Top 5 Root Faves (from left to right):

    • Emma Pretty Gloss

    • Lavender Exfoliating Cleanser

    • Toning Peppermint Mud Mask

    • Rose Otto Beauty Sleep Serum

    • Black 100% Lash Mascara