Ep. 32 Jamie on Potty Training

Jamie Glowacki

HEADS UP! This is an earbud episode, everyone! Jamie and I chat all things potty training and toddler, so we use several different kinds of potty words during our conversation. Pop on those headphones and get ready to take notes because Jamie shares how she became an expert in potty training and toddlers.

Jamie’s book, Oh Crap! Potty Training, saved my family when it came time to potty train our first child. I was so anxious and fearful to start, but this book changed my mind so quickly. Jamie gave me a boost of encouragement and set our family up for success.

Jamie Glowacki is a mom, author and potty training guru. She’s written two books dedicated to helping parents maintain their sanity during those (sometimes crazy) toddler years. Jamie encourages parents to tap into their child’s capability to tackle a task like potty training and shares her many years of research and experience with potty training.

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