Ep. 7 Jenna Bishop on God's Grace


Man, does Jenna ever bring it. If you are a discouraged mom, wanting to know that God sees you…this is for you. Jenna has authored multiple books, is mom to two little ones, and is always looking for a chance to share God’s love with God’s daughters. In this episode, Jenna tackles things like what it means to have a “quiet time“ in this busy phase of life, intentional listening for the Lord, and how all that is His is YOURS. Jenna is not afraid to real talk, y’all, like really real talk. She even tackles where God was during her miscarriages. Her soul is beautiful and it shows, she had both of us tearing up. She challenges moms to go find and learn the promises that God makes to us, and to ask Him for help daily (even when it seems silly to ask).

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Show Notes:

Learn more about Jenna — @jennalucadobish.

Scriptures referenced:

  • Luke 15 - Prodigal son

  • Ephesians 1-3 - the gifts God gives

  • Uverse Bible App - daily scripture alerts

Her books:

Redefining Beautiful: What God Sees When God Sees You
By Jenna Lucado Bishop, Max Lucado

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