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Nicole and Kara have been best friends since high school. As we raise our babies alongside each other we want to encourage moms in sometimes difficult, lonely, and beautiful journeys. Nicole is a clean beauty expert and an ethical shopping maven. Kara is a certified nutritionist and lover of all things wellness. Nicole and Kara run the lifestyle blog SimplyWholeMoms.com in between ballet class and bath times. If you love to cook and enjoy time in the kitchen with your family, you’ve come to the right place!


We’ve written all the recipes and helpful posts on our Blog for home cooks of a basic skill level. Whether you’re just starting out cooking, or spend most of your time in the kitchen, I break down all of the steps so that they’re easy to follow and you make each recipe perfectly the first time and every time.

I hope that my recipes will inspire you to get back into the kitchen again and spend time with your loved ones.

Many of the recipes you’ll find on the site, have been inspired by my Grandmother or are reminders of that generation. All recipes have every day and easy-to-find ingredients, many already in your home.

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